Varieties and Pricing


 1/2 lbs - $10.00/lb

 1-4 lbs - $19.00/lb

5-19 lbs - $14.00/lb

20 + lbs - $13.00/lb

 50 + lbs - $12.00/lb

Our Hard Neck Garlic Varieties

 Standard Purple Stripe - medium-large bulbs, 8-12 cloves per bulb, perfect for roasting.

  • Chesnok Red - from Republic of Georgia - our biggest and best purple stripe variety.  The size of our Chesnok is unusually large - it rivals our porcelains.  5-7 bulbs per lb. for the 2014 harvest.  Easy to peel and sweetens up nicely when roasted!
  • Persian Star - from Uzbekistan - very pleasant flavor, strikingly beautiful color, consistently sized bulbs. The 2014 harvest is the best yet for this variety.  Not as big as chesnok red but more consistent and very reliable.  Pleasant flavor lingers.  5-8 bulbs per lb.
  • Red Grain - from Republic of Georgia - uniform, nicely shaped, gorgeous purple bulbs with a red tint; all purpose variety that has really sized up over the years - very uniform and one of our best garlics.  2014 harvest is looking incredible.  Can be very spicy!  5-9 bulbs per lb.


Marbled Purple Stripe - Medium in size, 7-9 cloves per bulb.  

  • Indiana Brown - from Indiana - Original origin is unknown.  Marbled purple in color.  This variety was thrown out behind our garage by the next door neighbors when we lived in Indiana - they thought it was chives.  Our Dad picked it up and started growing it.  Similar in size and look to the Lorz.  6-9 bulbs per lb.

Porcelain - large bulbs, 4-7 cloves per bulb, good storage capacity (7-9 months), rich flavor

  • Music - from Italy - Great all purpose garlic.   Definitely a crowd favorite.  Reliable and easy to grow year after year.  Bulbs are always plump and consistent.  4-6 bulbs per lb.
  • Georgian Crystal - Amazing looking in the 2014 harvest.  Huge bulbs- many with over 5 cloves.  nice, mild flavor and roasting makes it very smooth; limited supply!  4-7 bulbs per pound.
  • Montana Giant - lives up to its name!  2014 harvest is gigantic so far!  consistently huge, full flavored, spicy bulbs.  Indistinguishable from Music, though slightly larger on average this year.  4-7 bulbs per pound

Soft Neck Garlic


  • Italian Lorz - bold, but not overpowering; good storage; very well adapted to our cimate and soil.  6-9 bulbs per lb.


1 pound of garlic is anywhere from 4-12 bulbs, depending on the variety.  Porcelain varieties (including Music, Montana Giant, and Georgia Crystal) are the largest types, averaging 4-6 bulbs per pound.   Our Purple-striped varieties (Red Grain, Persian Star, and Chesnok Red) are slightly smaller, averaging 5-10 bulbs per pound (although the 2014 harvest of Persian Star and Chesnok Red are bigger than usual)

We also have one softer-neck variety called Italian Lorz with an average size that is slightly smaller than the Purple-striped varieties.

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