Growing methods

We grow our garlic on wonderful loamy soil on the Eastern prairie of South Dakota. Our garlic is certified organic.  No chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers have ever been used on the land since our family started farming here in the early 70s.  We prepare the soil with a cover crop in the spring that is turned over midsummer and amended with aged compost.  Our garlic is planted in the fall, covered with a thick layer of mulch, then spends the winter months growing roots and slowly feeling its way to the surface and the light.   During summer we keep it weeded and watered until the harvest in late July.

*Our garlic is bloat nematode free as of 2014.

Over the last seven years, we have built up our seedstock, carefully selecting the varieties that have performed best in our prairie soil.

Due to our incredible soil and cold, northern climate, we can grow some of the largest and best possible gourmet hardneck varieties in the Midwest. 


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